Razer, a manufacturer of gaming hardware and equipment, can also come up with a Ryzen processor gaming laptop.

The company has long been known for opting only for Intel processors.

AMD’s recent offering of competitive and performance options has made it popular with gamers. It seems that companies have begun to change their minds, too.

Razer PI411
The latest shared AMD Cezanne APU has surfaced in 3DMark. However, the detail that makes the test important is that the chip works on the Razer PI411 test system.

On the GPU side of the test system carrying the Ryzen 9 5900HX with an overclock lock at its heart, RTX 3060 was featured. Supported by 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage, it is thought to be a 14 ” model from the name of the laptop.

It should be noted that the test system may not appear on the shelves because it is an early engineering example. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that Razer, which has only been developing Intel processor options for years, turns to AMD Ryzen processors.


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