Controller Gear company, which develops popular accessories for the console market, was acquired by Razer. In this way, Razer aims to increase its power in the console market.

While the player equipment market continues its upward momentum, the players are making purchases in order to achieve this momentum. Razer’s response to Corsair’s purchases such as SCUF Gaming and Elgato was quick.

Controller Gear sold
While it is stated that the console gaming market alone exceeded 50 billion dollars in 2020, the entire player market will exceed 200 billion dollars in 2023. Manufacturers who want to quickly access technologies and design experiences that they do not have yet are making company purchases.

Razer’s last move was with Controller Gear. Controller Gear company, which produces licensed accessories for consoles, was acquired by Razer. USA based Controller Gear company has been producing many accessories such as wireless controller, charging stand, case, appearance, bag since 2014.

Razer, aiming to increase its power in the console market, did not disclose the purchase price. Controller Gear boss Jon Buller will be the head of product development at his new firm and will bring his entire team with him.


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