The RBW Entertainment agency will soon debut their rookie girl group named PURPLE K! SS.

PURPLE K! SS will be the first girl group to be debuted by the RBW Entertainment agency, after the last time debuting MAMAMOO with members from Hwasa cs.

Besides MAMAMOO, RBW Entertainment is also known as an agency that houses boy group ONEUS and the band ONEWE.

Now on Monday afternoon (7/20), RBW Entertainment is uploading an intro video for the debut girl group PURPLE K! SS.

This girl group has a total of 7 members, consisting of Park Ji Eun, Na Go Eun, Doxie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein and Swan.

Although not yet debuted, the members of the K! SS PURPLE girl group have been known by fans through dance cover videos that they uploaded on the YouTube 365 Practice channel.

For the moment there is still no information regarding the debut schedule of the girl group PURPLE K! SS, so we look forward to further news!


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