We answer all your questions with the realme 7 review video, which instantly confuses the middle segment market. The most detailed review is online.

We continue to examine smart phones for you. Recently, we received many questions about the realme 7 review video, one of the most confusing models in the mid-segment market, and we prepared a review video to answer these questions. We shared the realme 7 battery performance test video with you yesterday. There were many people who fell between realme 7 and realme 7 Pro, one of the most curious phones of the last period. So what does the phone offer us? Here you will find the details of these questions in the video we prepared.

Today we see that in 64GB and 6GB of RAM memory having the power to the  models sold. So what does the phone offer us? All the details from the PUBG game, its design, camera, face recognition algorithm are in this video. We are waiting your comments. The review is a bit long, but minute by minute we write the parts in the video for you. You can start watching from wherever you want and wonder.

  • 00:00 – 02:24 is realme 7? Or is it realme 7 Pro?
  • 02:25 – 03:08 General Use Experience
  • 03:09 – 04:24 Technical Specifications and PUBG Game Test
  • 04:25 – 05:22 Camera Properties
  • 05:23 – 06:40 Reviews
  • 06:41 – 09:41 Design Review
  • 09:42 – 10:30 Face Recognition and Fingerprint Reading Test
  • 10:31 – 13:55 Interface Review
  • 13:56 – 17:20 Camera Interface
  • 17:21 – 19:47 Front and Rear Camera Video Shooting Test
  • 19:48 – 25:59 Photo Test
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