Realme Band 2, an affordable smart bracelet that Realme will make its official announcement in the coming weeks, has appeared.


It has been a year since the introduction of Realme’s affordable fitness bracelet, the Realme Band. It is time to introduce the sequel model of the smart bracelet. The images published by a famous leak source already confirm that Realme is already working on the Realme Band 2, which will be the second model in the series.

The smart bracelet will offer serious differences when compared to the predecessor model in terms of design. At the beginning of these, we see the screen that has grown and brought to the level of 1.4 inches. Realme Band2 is very similar to Honor Band 6 / Huawei Band 6 models in terms of design lines. However, it is not yet known whether the Realme Band2, which will be available at a budget-friendly price, will have an AMOLED screen.

The smart bracelet, which will come with Bluetooth 5.1 support, does not contain any buttons, unlike Honor and Huawei bracelets. This confirms that the Band 2 will have a touch screen unlike the previous model.

The device also supports continuous monitoring of heart rate, SpO2 and blood pressure. The dimensions of the smart bracelet are 45.9 x 24.6 x 12.1 mm.

IP68 protection, multiple sports modes, and support for notifications from multiple apps will be other highlights of the bracelet. It is quite clear that the price of Realme Band 2 will increase compared to the first generation model. But this has to be very little, otherwise it cannot compete with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6.

Realme Band2 will be available in our country shortly after it is introduced next month.


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