iPhone 12  News: The MagSafe technology that comes with the iPhone 12 family is changing shape. Realme may soon introduce its phone with MagDart technology.


Along with the iPhone 12 series, Apple also brought a technology found in old MacBook models to phones. Thanks to this technology called MagSafe, the iPhone 12 family had magnets and thus offered an interesting experience in charging. Now, Realme has rolled up its sleeves to introduce its phone with MagDart technology.

Realme will rival iPhone with MagDart

Realme has registered MagDart trademark, which mentions wireless charging for smartphones in its description. As you can see, the Chinese technology giant is preparing to be a solid competitor to the iPhone 12. Since there is an interesting structuring in China, we can say that OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus companies will also use this technology next year. It will be very pleasing that these companies within the body of BBK Electronic use a magnetic system.

The fact that Apple is a pioneer in innovation causes Chinese companies to innovate in this field. It seems that the rivalry between America and China will intensify in the coming years. Especially if other Chinese manufacturers switch to Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system, the popularity of Android will be hit hard.

It is currently unknown when Realme will use its MagSafe-like technology for now. This technology will be included in the flagship model with the Snapdragon 895 chipset, which will probably be introduced in 2022. We think that Realme will later use MagDart even in the middle segment.


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