Realme GT Master News: Interesting information about the Realme GT Master series, which Chinese Realme will introduce soon, continues to come. The phone may come with 19 GB of RAM.


Realme continues to strengthen its hand in the smartphone market. Interesting statements came from the company today about the Realme GT Master series, which will be introduced soon. According to the statement of the Chinese technology giant, the new series will have a full 19 GB of RAM. However, there is a fine detail at this point. Because 19 GB of RAM will not be completely real RAM.

As you know, an interesting situation occurred on the Android front with the storage units approaching the RAM speeds. Chinese manufacturers have started to offer software innovations to increase the amount of RAM in their phones. These innovations will now come from the realme front.

According to the company’s statement, the phone will come with 12 GB of physical RAM. However, when necessary, the software will be activated and the amount of RAM can be increased up to 19 GB. This upgrade is expected to be done automatically. For example, when you open a game, the software will detect it and the amount of RAM will be increased.

This flagship model, which is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 888 Plus chipset, will be with us in August. It is said that ZTE will also have breakthroughs in RAM and will offer up to 20 GB of RAM. The same move as the Xiaomi Mi 12 series will also come from the Xiaomi front.

It is observed that Samsung will not make such a change in the One UI 3.1 interface for now. Presumably, the South Korean company will also enter virtual RAM creation events with One UI 4.0. On the iOS front, we can say that since Apple does not need RAM much, it will continue with 4 GB of RAM for now. It should be noted that iOS, with its 4 GB RAM, outperforms Android phones with 20 GB RAM due to its structure.


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