Announcing that it will release a laptop as April 1 joke, realme took the business seriously. The company asks the participants about the price and usage of notebooks in the survey study.

We see that Chinese manufacturers operating in the smartphone market enter the laptop sector after a while. Huawei and Xiaomi have followed this path. The realme brand has also rolled up its sleeves for its own laptop.

Conducting surveys

China’s two big giants Huawei and Xiaomi have been operating in the laptop market for a while. BBK Holding, the roof company of Vivo and Oppo brands, had not yet made an attack with these brands. The first step comes through the realme brand.

A survey study launched by the company this week brought up the possibility of a laptop. In the survey study, the participants are asked about their laptop purchase plans and their preferred price ranges. In addition, the brand of laptops they have is also requested.

Realme had previously announced that it will produce a laptop as an April 1 joke, but it seems that the business is getting serious. The survey study conducted specifically in India shows that a laptop computer can be launched towards the end of the year, at least within the borders of the country.

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