Realme has posted a photo showing the player accessories it is preparing to release under the Narzo brand. There is also a mysterious accessory among the new products.

Realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone manufacturer, is preparing to expand its product range. The Chinese company shared a photo showing the player accessories it will launch under the Narzo brand.

It looks like the company will soon release a stylish mousepad and gaming mouse. If you remember, it was previously reported that Realme was preparing to introduce its first gaming-focused laptop. The accessories that the company will launch soon, confirm these rumors.

There is a mysterious accessory to the photo
The third device shown in the photo brought some questions. The accessory looks like some kind of remote control at first glance. However, it is not yet clear what exactly happened. Realme will likely announce its player accessories along with the Narzo 30 series smartphones.


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