The smartphone market left behind a sensational year. The pandemic affected the mobile market considerably. However, the middle segment market has reached an important position in the pandemic. OPPO’s sub-brand realme has become one of the producers that managed to turn the pandemic into an opportunity. Because realme has become the fastest and most growing producer in 2020. Realme Founder and CEO Li Bingzhong made a statement today and presented us with the company’s future plans. Apparently; It will adopt a sales strategy like realme Xiaomi.



Li Bingzhong underlined in his statements at Weibo that they had an excellent process last year. Realme, which has become the seventh largest manufacturer by selling 50 million smartphones in autumn alone, is trying to show that it has entered a different path with OPPO with its own interface, realme UI. Li Bingzhong said;

“According to Counterpoint’s report, realme has become one of the top 5 brands in 12 markets worldwide. However, we rose to the first place in the Philippines and fourth place in India. We are working hard for the continuation of this. We will focus more on AIoT products that combine artificial intelligence and IoT technologies. In addition, we will increase our 5G products in 2021. Along with these, we will make another development that we see as important. We aim to enter the retail market in the upcoming period. The first flagship store will be opened in the near future and the company is planning to open thousands of branded stores around the world.

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Editor’s Comment

Apparently; Before OPPO, the realme brand will enter the retail industry. This is really interesting. Let’s see if the retail market will cause the prices of realme branded products to increase. Because these things usually happened like this. It may not be good for users to start selling an online phone in the store.


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