Realme introduced its new smart watch. Realme Watch 2 Pro includes several improvements over the Watch 2, which was announced last month, such as a longer lifespan and a larger screen.

Realme, which released its first smart watch last year, introduced Watch 2, the second version of the device, in the last days of last month.

Finally, with the announcement of Realme Watch 2 Pro, the company continues to expand its smart watch range. Although it is generally similar to the normal model, the Pro variant manages to position itself higher with some features such as a larger screen and battery.

Offers a bigger screen

Instead of the 1.4-inch screen in the Realme Watch 2, the device comes with a larger screen with a size of 1.75 inches and a resolution of 385×320 pixels. The screen offers 30Hz refresh rate and 600 nits of maximum brightness.

Like the Watch 2, the Pro version brings more than 100 watch faces, including new live options. Offering IP68 protection in terms of water resistance, the device weighs 40 grams. While Realme Watch 2 receives data from the connected smartphone for route tracking, the Pro model has a built-in dual satellite GPS sensors.

Watch 2 Pro also supports features in the normal variant such as sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level (SpO2) measurement.

The smartwatch also warns the user about app notifications and incoming calls, but calls can only be rejected because the Watch 2 Pro does not have a microphone and speakers.

How much does Realme Watch 2 Pro cost?

Another major difference between Watch 2 and Watch 2 Pro is in the battery part. Watch 2 offers up to 12 days of use with a 315 mAh battery, while the Watch 2 Pro is said to have 14 days of use on a single charge with a 390 mAh battery.

Realme Watch 2 Pro, with space gray and metallic silver color options, will be available with a price tag of $ 70. The device, which will not be available to users in Malaysia as of May 29, will spread to more countries in the future.


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