Realme News: The 5G feature, which we have seen a lot lately, undoubtedly causes the price increase. As a solution, Realme decides to make 5G devices cheaper!


The majority of smartphone manufacturers pay attention to the presence of 5G connectivity on their newly released devices. While some countries such as India have not yet started 5G trials, it does not make much sense for mid-high-end and premium devices to come with 5G connectivity. Still, manufacturers do not give up on their 5G passion, and some even aim to reach wider audiences by reducing prices on 5G models. The forerunner of this comes from China. Realme has decided to make the price of its 5G connected phones incredibly cheap! Here are the details…

Realme 5G Phones Are Cheaper Than Ever!

Realme CEO Madhav Sheth has announced that they have decided to release a 5G connected device under the price tag of ₹10,000 ($137) by the end of 2022. In fact, the company had previously announced its plans for the future. If you think that such a cheap device is impossible for Realme right now, we would like to remind you that the Realme 8 5G model is available for $205 in India. The only thing left to do is to manage to reduce that price tag by one more shirt.

The company launched 14 5G phones in 21 markets in 2020, accounting for as high as 40% of all its products. The brand, which is trying to increase this number to over 20 by 2022, wants to increase this rate to 70 percent in 50 markets. In this way, they will have come a long way in line with their promise of “making technology available to everyone”.

The Chinese company aims to reach over 100 million 5G device users in the next three years. In line with this goal, it aims to establish more than 10 5G experience stores around the world in 2021 to introduce its customers to 5G through cloud gaming, augmented reality and live broadcasts.


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