Last week, an interview was held with Tone Vays, a former Wall Street trader and experienced crypto investor. Vays worked on Wall Street for about 10 years and served as Vice President at JP Morgan Chase; He has been a major Bitcoin advocate since 2013.

As the first question, Vays gave the following answer to the question of what is driving him to cryptocurrencies:

“In April 2013, everything changed when I watched Cypress banks close. The European Union closed all Cypress banks and seized 50% of the money in bank accounts over 100 thousand Euros. This really scared me. Something like this in a developed nation; I didn’t think it could happen in a European nation, in the USA, in Canada, in Australia. This basically changed everything. I started looking for a way to protect the money I had in the bank because I was getting a really good salary back then. I don’t spend a lot of money. I still drive my 12 year old car, I live in the apartment I bought 12-13 years ago. So I don’t splurge and I like to save money, but it bothers me that the fear that some governments may come and seize half of my money.

So, Bitcoin was not the best solution. Bitcoin was the only solution because it is also difficult to hide your gold, because how will you protect it? If they don’t love you, they can always seize your gold, because gold has a physical form. ”

Listed Reviews About Ripple
“Ripple is one of the coins that really bothers me. Ripple was always a scam. Ripple Corporation existed before Bitcoin existed. But Jed McCaleb, who created Mt., is probably one of the five biggest scammers in the area. Mt. He sold Gox to Mark Karpeles. He then came to the Ripple company and convinced them to create the Ripple token. They still hold more than half of the tokens they create. ”

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“Hopefully Ripple Loses the Case”
“Ripple is now going through a litigation process to determine if there is a commodity. I hope Ripple loses the case. And I hope C level management is held responsible. I do not know if there is a need for a prison sentence, but perhaps it would be a good lesson to get all your money. Because I think what they do is very illegal and we should prevent such scams. They created a reason for the existence of this token. If you are converting your US dollar into a Philippine peso with a large money order corridor, you don’t need a crazy token to convert your dollars into Ripple and then your Ripple into a Philippine peso. ”


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