The amount of difficulty increase tomorrow in the Bitcoin network will take place at record levels of the past year if there is no significant change in the hash rate.

After the block reward halving, which took place in the second week of May, there was a decrease in both difficulty adjustments. If there is no significant change in the network before the last day, the highest levels of the last year will be achieved in the increase of difficulty.

Difficulty adjustment is made approximately every two weeks according to the changes in the hash rate, so that blocks are found every 10 minutes based on the increase and decrease of the computing power in the Bitcoin network. As it is known, if the hash rate remains high and the difficulty is low, block times are shortened, otherwise it is valid. In this way, participation in mining is also encouraged.

The next difficulty setting will be anticipated tomorrow. Data from shows that the difficulty will increase by 14 percent to 15.6 trillion, with the current hash rate of 112 trillion hashes per second.

Such an increase in difficulty has not been seen for a long time. The date when the difficulty of mining in Bitcoin last increased this much was July 9, 2019. The all-time high in difficulty was seen on March 9 at 16.55 trillion.


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