The quarantine measures caused by the coronavirus pandemic have changed the working system of many large and small companies. Meetings normally held around a table are now held through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. Well, would you like to have your meeting gathered around a fire in Red Dead Redemption 2 instead of Zoom or Skype?

Nowadays, the business and education process is walking through video conferencing applications. Security and privacy concerns in some applications, especially zoom, as well as video conferencing with long hours on the computer can cause serious mental health problems.

According to a study published by New York Times earlier this month, video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Team, which we frequently apply for both business and socializing, make us feel more insecure than we are because they imprison us in a much more isolated and physically asocial world. be able to.

Video conferencing applications can make us feel more insecure than we are.
Fortunately, video conferencing is not the only address for in-office meetings. Interestingly, Rockstar Games’ popular open-world game, Red Dead Redemption 2, is now used for corporate meetings. British writer and illustrator Viviane Schwarz said on a personal Twitter account that Zoom was terrible and they preferred Red Dead Redemption 2 to hold editorial meetings.

Stating that they are tired of zoom and Skype meetings, emails and phone calls, Schwarz stated that instead they decided to exchange ideas as a cowboy at the fire. But as you can imagine, there are some benefits and disadvantages to doing this in an action game set in America in the late 19th century.

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Apparently, it is much more enjoyable to sit around the virtual campfire, brew and chat in the game, and video conferencing with the people who are stuck to smile at the camera. The game also allows Schwarz and his team to move digitally in nature and fight rival gangs to reinforce their trust in each other. At least in the game.

But meetings in Red Dead Redemption 2 do not always go smoothly. Sometimes an error can occur that causes the campfire to disappear, and other players in the game can find themselves out of the meeting at once. After all, having a corporate meeting in a game is a very bold and innovative idea, but I think it would not be wrong to say that this format will not be accepted by everyone.


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