Tencent, which has appeared in many items and technological products produced for players, undoubtedly made the biggest income from PUBG Mobile. As China’s technology leader, Tencent continues to get closer to the game and the players every day, especially in technological products. The Red Magic 6, which the players are looking forward to, will be popular with language.



While the new player phone of the smartphone manufacturer Nubia, the Red Magic 6, is expected to be released this year, a new leak has emerged regarding the device today. If we talk about both the technical features and the design of the phone, we guess that the players will smile.

Starting from the design, the Red Magic 6, which will have quad cameras placed horizontally, will also have internal cooling fans. In this way, players will prevent the device from heating while playing games. While it is known that the logo of the device is located on the bottom of the back cover, it is also seen with a leaked image of Tencent Games’ brand on the back cover.

As with other smartphones, the Red Magic 6 will also have different models. It is not known whether the Tencent logo will appear on all or one of these models, while the Pro model will also have a battery with a capacity of 4500mAh. While the Snapdragon 888 chipset is used in both models of the phone, it will also be offered to users on screens with high refresh rate.


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