The smartphone model Red Magic 6 Pro, which will be introduced by Nubia, one of the Chinese technology manufacturers, on March 4, seems to make a name for itself with its charging speed.

The player phone Red Magic 6 Pro, which will be officially introduced by Nubia after two weeks and will come with a battery with a capacity of 4500mAh, will support 120W GaN (Gallium Nitride) fast charging, which offers charging from 0% to 50% in just five minutes.

Charger will replace in the box
The phone will come out of the box with a suitable charger. Because this important detail was announced personally by Ni Fei, the CEO of the Nubia brand. Recently, companies, especially Apple and Samsung, do not put any chargers in their smartphones boxes or offer them for sale with devices below the fast charging value supported by the phone. However, such a situation will not be the case for the Red Magic 6 Pro.

Ni Fei also explained what measures his team took to prevent the smartphone from overheating and damaging the battery. The Red Magic 6 Pro will have a graphite plate that facilitates fast charging and an electrolyte that uses kinetic energy to redistribute the charge faster. The developers have also made a case for the battery so that even in the event of a malfunction, the remaining internal components of the phone can remain intact.


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