SM Entertainment is taking precautionary measures for some unscrupulous fans at ‘Dear U. bubble’ who are not responsible for their comments on Red Velvet.

Some time ago fans were made uncomfortable by the circulation of obscene comments from some fans on the chat service ‘Dear U. bubble’ from the LYSN application between Red Velvet and her fans.

Words like “Are you going to upload sexy pictures,” to the comments of other fans who told Red Velvet members to take off their clothes after he declared the weather was too hot.

Many other fans who were worried about the actions of the person expressed comments such as, “The problem is that they sent a message of sexual harassment and they leaked it out as if they were showing off,” “I don’t know why they paid for this service, but I hope they are all sued. ”

Not long after the issue circulated, the SM on June 22 released a notice in the form of a prohibited action regarding the use of the Dear U. bubble service on LYSN.

In the notification there is a rule that states that every user who sends a message ‘Bubble’ including signs, text, and obscene phrases will be blocked.

SM also gives a stern warning afterwards, where users who send messages including content that causes fear or anxiety will be punished in accordance with applicable penalties.


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