Reddit, Pinterest and Alibaba share the summit in the damage and carbon emissions that websites cause to energy resources. But how?


Greenhouse gas emissions continue to be a global problem. Reddit, Pinterest and Alibaba are among the websites with the highest carbon pollution on the web, according to a new study. Sources with very high greenhouse gas emissions include gaming portal Nintendo, sports channel ESPN, and fashion chain Uniqlo.

A report released by the energy comparison platform uSwitch calculated the carbon footprint of the 200 most popular websites, from hosting to font size, images, videos, and colors, taking into account many factors that affect a site’s energy efficiency. The basic indicator, of course, was the energy resources that a particular cloud, a telecommunications network operated. If a large data center runs on fossil fuels, it naturally falls into a similar anti-rating. This affects the state of energy resources.

Reddit ranked first in terms of pollution among hundreds of sites surveyed. With just one visit and 69 clicks, the site emits an estimated 13.05 grams of carbon dioxide, which is about as much greenhouse gas as a 5km drive. At the same time, Wikipedia has become the “cleanest” popular resource on the Internet. It produces 0.04 grams of carbon dioxide per visit. Second in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, professional social network LinkedIn, followed by fashion giant H&M. Online payment system PayPal, web publisher WordPress and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase were also ranked in the top 10 by uSwitch.

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