Information about the Redmi game phone continues to come. Recent developments show that the phone will have very fast charging support.


The world of technology continues to shake with brand new developments. As new news comes out every day, we technology writers follow the developments closely. While the LG brand cannot yet digest the withdrawal of the smartphone market, it turned out that a Xiaomi Redmi branded game phone will be launched. The Redmi phone series, which has managed to sell more than 200 million units, seems to gain acceleration faster with the new game phone. We managed to get the first information about the phone. It seems that the information we obtain will especially please the users who play games.

The Redmi brand will launch its first game phone this year. The phone, which will host a more stylish and simple design compared to other player phones, will be quite satisfactory with its battery usage time and charging time. With the information we have obtained today, we learned that the phone will have 65W fast charging feature.


Redmi Game Phone Coming

The player phone, which is expected to be released with the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor, will also have ultra-fast charging support. With 65W fast charging support, the phone, which will give gamers fast charging, will also have the feature of being the fastest charging Redmi smartphone. The player phone, which turns out to have a Samsung E4 AMOLED display, will host a 5,000mAh battery capacity. The phone model, which is stated to be released with a starting price of $ 305, will take its place on the shelves this year.


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