According to a famous reporter on Weibo, the Redmi K40 series will be launched with three models, not two. Probably K40, K40S and K40 Pro.



The good news is that we don’t have to wait any longer for some official information. Because even if this latest information is not confirmed, the phones are expected to be released towards the end of this month.

First of all, Lu Weibing shared his thoughts on ToF sensors. He said that brands that once talked about it and marketed it couldn’t take advantage of it. What is the work of ToF sensors? These are sensors that use infrared light to estimate depth of field. It can improve the blur effect in images. However, it’s mostly used for AR and 3D viewing.

Many smartphones with ToF sensor have been launched. Most Samsung flagships and even some Huawei smartphones use this sensor. Xiaomi has not used ToF sensors in its smartphones on any model until now. Besides the ToF sensor, Lu Weibing also gives us a big clue. According to him, higher resolution cameras will be produced.

Xiaomi launched the 108MP sensor trend with the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The smartphone was launched in late 2019. It came with a five-sensor camera and is Xiaomi’s return. The Chinese technology giant has always been known for its price-performance-oriented devices. With the launch of the Mi Note 10, Xiaomi proved to everyone that camera-centric devices are more appreciated by users.


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