The dynamism in the smartphone market continues at full speed. Manufacturers want to have their name inscribed in gold letters in performance battles by announcing their new Snapdragon 888 flagship. As it is known, Xiaomi was the first official user of Snapdragon 888. With Qualcomm, this manufacturer, now like a buddy, has been registered as the first manufacturer to use the Snapdrgon 888 on the Mi 11 flagship. Later, they started to show off their trump card in other producers. Respectively; iQOO and Samsung announced their flagship Snapdragon 888. Vivo’s sub-brand iQOO came out with the iQOO 7 model, while Samsung appeared with the Galaxy S21 series and became a partner in the competition. But now there will be a cheaper flagship using the Snapdragon 888. Because the Redmi K40 series started to emerge step by step.


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Redmi K40 series is coming

Redmi, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, manages to attract attention by offering phones that are cheaper than its brother and other flagships. Redmi is one of the rare manufacturers to offer cheap flagships with the “K” series. The company takes the features of expensive flagships, adds them to their smartphones and offers them to users with a very competitive price. Now comes the flagship, the Redmi K40 series with Snapdragon 888. This phone will mark 2021 with its various features and affordable price. Here are the first good news for the K40 family;

“Digital Chat Station”, one of China’s most reliable sources, says that the K40 series will come with much more advanced features than the previous generation. Even Xiaomi’s new flagship Mi 11’s impressive Streo speaker will take its place in the Redmi K40. So you will be able to have an excellent stereo sound experience in the K40 series.

We think that nobody knows how effective dual speakers are. Because the sound effects are more immersive and allow you to have a better sound in games. However, the Redmi K40 family will not be content with this. According to the company official, these new flagships will lead to a major upgrade in visual effects.

According to the CEO of Redmi, certain features of the Mi 11 will be used in the new K40 series. Besides the streo speaker, the Samsung E4 in the Mi 11 will power the K40 family on display. So thanks to this material in the K40 series; There will be a high-end display with higher contrast, brighter and balancing power consumption.


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