Preparations for the Redmi Note 10 5G series continue on the Xiaomi front. The upcoming phone series will be better than expected.


The Redmi Note 10 5G series will be unveiled as part of the event to be held in China on May 26. Before the promotional event, Xiaomi started sharing the highly anticipated phones from its official Weibo account. Judging by the features announced in the Redmi Note10 5G series, it will exhibit much more powerful features in China.

Let’s underline that all of the images shared by Xiaomi from the official Weibo account belong to the Redmi Note10 Ultra 5G model, which is the most ambitious solution in the series. The naming is not yet clear, but the three phones to be introduced are expected to be Note 10 5G, Note 10 Pro 5G and Note 10 Ultra 5G.

Redmi Note 10 5G Series Looks Too Powerful

Redmi Note10 Ultra 5G will be powered by MediaTek’s eight-core Dimensity 1100 processor with 6nm production process, which offers flagship level performance. Another prominent hardware feature of the phone is UFS 3.1 support, which we have never seen in this segment. The company also says the phone will support 90FPS in games, which is a great improvement for a phone in this price segment.

Finally, Redmi claims that the Redmi Note10 Ultra 5G has a gaming phone-level cooling system. The brand states that the phone will have a “Quadruple cooling system”. This development means that the phone will come with VC (Steam Room), graphite, thermal conductive gel and copper foil to offer a heat dissipation area of ​​16370 mm².


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