Redmi Note 11 News: There is good news for Xiaomi’s highly anticipated phone, the Redmi Note 11. The screen features of the phone have already been revealed.


Redmi, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, has started to step up for the popular Note series. The company that sells the Note 10 family has now turned its eyes to the Redmi Note 11 family. The features of the Note 11, which we expect to be introduced in the first lights of next year, have already started to become clear. Let’s see what innovations the new series will offer us?

Redmi Note 11 will come with AMOLED display

As you know, the Redmi Note 10 series was launched in China on June 1 and was very successful. Redmi has officially announced that the sales of the Redmi Note 10 series smartphones have exceeded 1 million units, just 9 days after their launch in China. Today, Lu Weibong, President of Xiaomi Group China and CEO of the Redmi brand, published a message discussing the new smartphones of the Redmi Note series. He asked what improvements fans would like to see on the Redmi Note 11. The vast majority of users said that new phones should have an AMOLED screen.

Redmi uses AMOLED displays in the Redmi 10X series and the Redmi Note 10 series targeted for the global market. However, for China, the Redmi Note 10 series used an LCD panel with 120Hz high refresh rate support.

Probably the Chinese firm will eliminate the Chinese and Global version difference next year. We can say that we are certain that AMOLED screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz will be used in the new model. On the processor side, the MediaTek Dimensity chipset will probably be preferred. It is one step ahead of Snapdragon in both the Dimensity series, which is affordable in terms of price, and performance.

We can say that the only thing known and certain about the new series for now is the AMOLED screen. Let’s see if there will be new leaks about new models in the coming days.


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