Redmi Note 9 Pro, which comes to the fore with problems such as flaming, seems to not receive an Android 11 update this month. So when?


The Redmi brand, which has been on the agenda with negative news for a few days, seems satisfactory with its sales. The smartphone series, which managed to sell more than 200 million units worldwide, managed to fill the safe of Xiaomi with money. The smartphone, which suddenly caught fire in Brazil the other day, also caught fire in India in April. When it comes to Xiaomi, we could not get used to such negative developments. Because we can say that it is very difficult for the company to encounter these situations. It seems that the Redmi Note 9 Pro will not get Android 11 this month.

While millions of phone users continue to wait for Android 12, the Android 11 operating system continues to spread. With a number of new features and new user interface, the Android 11 operating system used in many phone models continues to be expected by Note 9 Pro users.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Will Wait This Month For Android 11 Update

In fact, the specified update was released for Note 9 Pro at the end of last year. However, it was not published globally. While the update is now in use in India, it was expected to be released for other countries for months. Although we left the first quarter of 2021 behind, the update did not come. As a result of the new developments we have acquired, it turned out that the update will not be available this month. While the company suspended the development ROM, it announced that it will continue to develop after May 10. In addition, it is not clear whether the new update will come with MIUI 12.5. We will continue to convey the developments when the company, which we continue to follow closely, makes any statement regarding the issue.

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