The Redmi Note 9 series exploded and gone. Xiaomi, the third largest phone maker in the smartphone market, sells phones like a wire.


Many of our previous news had also provided information about the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. There are new news from the company, which has carried out very high quality works and has gone through a successful process. The smartphone manufacturer, which hosts millions of users in the world, is not satisfied. The company, which is counting days for the Android 12 operating system today, had our news yesterday. The company, which left behind 200 million sales with the Redmi series, has been the subject of our news with a new success today. The Redmi Note 9 series has managed to sell millions.

The Chinese technology giant continues to sell phones like crazy with both high performance and affordable price policy. The company, which will present the Redmi 10 series to the users on May 28, sold it like crazy with the 9 series. Today, the company’s new sales figures have been announced.

Redmi Note 9 Series Surpassed 45 Million Sales

Today, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun stated that shortly after the launch of the 9 series, it surpassed sales of 45.2 million units. In addition, the company, which announced on May 26 that it will launch the Note 10 smartphone, a special flagship for Mi fans, will again target millions. The company, which introduced the Chinese version of the 9 series on November 26, 2020, used the Snapdragon 750G in this phone series. The company, which will also release the Note 10 series this month, will try to double the success of the old phone series.


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