The RedmiBook Pro, which will be in our eyes with its magnificent design, is thumping. It turned out that there will be a Thunderbolt 4 design on the interface of the device.



The RedmiBook Pro, which has been developed in a similar structure to Apple’s Mackbooks and will have a very nice appearance with its design, is currently expected with curiosity. The laptop, which is expected to become a new trend with its thin and fast structure, will soon appear. The technological product, which continues to be the subject of our news with the information leaked to the depths of the Internet, has come to the fore with its interface today. The device, which will appear in two different structures, 15 and 14 inches, will be charged with Type-C.

New information has emerged today for the laptop model, which is expected to be introduced on February 25. The product, known to be fully compatible with 4K and 8K monitors, will offer a fast experience to its users with its 11th generation Core H35 processor. With 2K resolution, users will be able to experience more impressive images.


RedmiBook Pro Will Have Thunderbolt 4 Interface

The laptop model, which will present the Thunderbolt 4, which has a very nice and stylish user interface, can provide a charging capacity of up to 100W. The device, which will also offer the highest bandwidth to its users, will provide a unique service to its users with its high performance experience in addition to its main control certificate. We have stated that the device is very similar to Macbooks. With its slim design and keyboard set, the trend for now is reminiscent of Apple.


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