Trader and cryptocurrency analyst Crypto Emre made statements about the crypto agenda with his tweets on Twitter yesterday and compared gold and digital Bitcoin. Based on the increase in the number of whales, the trader made the following inference:

“According to blockchain analyzes, since the last half of Bitcoin, the number of whales with 1,000 or more BTC in the wallet increased by 2% to 1840. There are 190 billion grams of Gold in the world today. However, there will be only 21 million BTC. Which is more valuable in the long run, isn’t it clear? ”

Gold is also a Trouble!

When the analyst, who made an assessment compared to the difference in supply among the assets known as the value store, one of his followers could be entered under his eyes blindly, but the situation in Bitcoin was not so, the analyst responded as follows:

“When he buys gold, he is worried about hiding; Are you going to rent a safe or keep it home? It is not certain whether you will pay interest, do not pay dividends, and be sure to coincide with the period they counted for 5 years. Who will get away when you sell; Is the setting pure, worn or fake while buying… Everyone will be tampering with the lens. ”

Thus, Crypto Emre once again stated where he stood in this comparison. The famous analyst also made statements on Twitter regarding the warming of the central banks of countries to cryptocurrencies.

“Today, the Canadian Central Bank has opened job postings for its CBDC project. MBs of large countries are starting to look more and more towards the idea of ​​their own cryptocurrencies.”

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