They will stream and other topics next week.

Remedy Games wanted to celebrate Alan Wake’s tenth anniversary this May 8, a title that made a deep impression when it came out on Xbox 360 and has remained in the memory of a large number of players. In this sense, the company that created other products such as Quantum Break or Control have published the following on Twitter: “We are going to celebrate Alan Wake’s 10th anniversary with a stream and other cool elements that you will know more about next week”. So far correct, although we should not dream of possible continuations because they themselves have been in charge of ruling it out.

“We will celebrate the past and looking back, we have nothing to announce. Thank you, always, for love,” they added in the tweet. So we can expect a review of the development of the game, anecdotes and surely secrets that perhaps we did not know, but nothing related to expanding the universe of Alan Wake for the moment.

Alan Wake was released in 2010 and later on PC. The game received a 9 in Meristation thanks to its moments of great tension, the setting, the narrative rhythm and the superb game of light and darkness, we specified in our analysis. At worst, we regret problems such as underused vehicles, autosave and not fulfilling what could be.

Many ongoing projects
Despite this, it is not something to worry about about future developments that may be underway. A couple of months ago, Remedy explained that they had four projects in development. The first of these is the Control DLC, one of which is already running. The second is the campaign for CrossFire X, the originally multiplayer PC game that is coming to Xbox Series X, and two more projects to discover. On the one hand, Vanguard is a multiplayer service game that will have “unique characteristics” from Remedy’s games. There is a fourth project announced that is not known but is in pre-production, according to the study itself.


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