Rumors that the Renault 5, one of the iconic models of the French manufacturer, will return as a modern electric car have turned out to be true. At today’s event, the new Renault 5 Protototype was also unveiled.

It was rumored that Renault’s new CEO Luca de Meo would be able to return the legendary Renault models of the past fully electric, as part of his new strategic plan called “Renaulution”. The rumors turned out to be true.

The French manufacturer will produce 14 new models by 2025 under the new strategic plan. 7 of these models will be C / D segment and 7 of them will be fully electric. In addition, all models to be launched will have a fully electric or hybrid version. In this context, Renault 5, one of the iconic models of the brand, will return as a fully electric car.

Not satisfied with this announcement, Renault unveiled the Renault 5 Prototype as a preview of the retro-designed model. The electric model, which is intensely inspired by the 5 due to its general structure; It reveals its futuristic side with details such as front and back lighting and hidden door handles. However, its being a show vehicle has a big share in having such a remarkable design. In the production version, these details can be softened a little more.

No statement has yet been made about the technical details of the new Renault 5. But we know that it will only be designed electrically, so there will be no version with an internal combustion engine. In the course of the new Renault 5, another iconic model, the electric version of the Renault 4, will also participate.

The French brand aims for 30 percent of its total sales to be made up of fully electric vehicles by 2025. The new Renault 5 will be one of the most important parts of this strategy.


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