According to reports, the Japanese brand will re-evaluate its decision to withdraw from the European market, which it announced last year.

The company is said to remain in Europe, producing at Renault’s facilities.

In the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, the management team decided to pursue a very clear strategy as part of the restructuring process: “Focus on the market where you are strong, exit the market where you are weak”.

In this context, Mitsubishi made a statement in the middle of last year and announced that it will not offer the new model for sale in Europe, where its market share is only 1 percent. The company would thus concentrate on the South Asian market where it was stronger and focus on growth there.

However, the alliance decided to revise this decision, according to the news that the Financial Times based on sources very close to the subject. According to the report, Mitsubishi can use Renault’s factories in France, which are not working at full capacity, for production. This can be interpreted as the Japanese manufacturer will continue to exist in the European market. Of course, all this is just a rumor for now.

On the other hand, such a step would be in line with a plan to exploit the potential of Renault’s factories as well as increasing cooperation between the three companies. Because the CEO of the French brand, Luca De Meo, which has already fired thousands of people, stated that it aims to increase the capacity, which is currently 70 percent on average.

If Mitsubishi continues to stay in the European market as said, we can see the next generation Outlander in the European market. Because the current Outlander PHEV is Europe’s best selling rechargeable hybrid model. The vehicle in question was the first Mitsubishi to benefit from Nissan technologies.


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