The CEO of the French brand, Luca De Meo, announced that they will not spend money on developing a new generation diesel engine, but will update the available engines for a while.

Strict emission rules, sanctions for dirty vehicles and incentives for electric vehicles have cornered automotive manufacturers. With austerity policies added to this, diesel engines are one of the first things to be sacrificed when it comes to investment.

Previously, we witnessed that many manufacturers such as Nissan and Volvo decided to either abandon diesel entirely or not develop new generation diesel engines. The companies in question instead focus on electric vehicle technologies, which are quite expensive in R&D. In this context, it was obvious that Renault would also have to give up diesel, but this situation became more concrete with the new statement.

Luca De Meo, the CEO of the French brand, made statements regarding the future plans of the company at the general assembly meeting held recently. One of De Meo’s announcements was that Renault would not develop new engines to fit the latest generation of diesel vehicles. The company will update its engines instead. It seems that we will see diesel-powered vehicles in Renault for a while, but this situation will not last long.

Renault’s goal, which will not spend money on new diesel engines as part of its cost-cutting policy, will of course be to increase gear on electrification. So much so that by 2025, the French brand aims to make 65 percent of all sales from electric vehicles (including hybrid). The target for 2030 is that 90 percent of all sales will be electric vehicles.

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De Meo also announced at the same meeting that future Renault models will not exceed the maximum speed of 180 km / h.

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