More than fifteen years ago, a modest exercise in shrill humor preceded several later North American premises by copying the format of ‘Cops’, the mythical documentary of policemen in action. Quibi now retrieves the characters from ‘Reno 911!’ in a new season / reboot that squeezes the format of the platform, offering fun and some grateful tinkering with our phone. And it seems that time never stopped.

Super timbers

The police comedy format has a clear favorite today. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ has become the object of worship for lovers of the armed sitcom, but even with its success they have been seen and wished to continue, with changes in production and chain, after the cancellation by Fox at the end of its fifth season.

It is not easy to stay on top, even when you are the best. Maybe ‘Reno 911!’ It was not the best series in the world, but between 2003 and 2009 he knew how to move like no one else in the underworld of the coolest comedy and. With a film in between, the invisible ‘Maderos 091!’ (which raised 20 million, double what it cost), the series closed in 2009. Nobody had warned us that, in reality, it would only be a see you later.

And that then is our confined present. ‘Reno 911!’ It has been a very pleasant surprise, a product calculated to the millimeter to make us laugh and that at times knows how to play with the perspective changes of the platform better than any of its generation partners. And it also has the added advantage of adapting better than the rest to the format. Definitely, we are facing an ideal series for Quibi.

Policemen in action
With five-minute micro episodes there is not much option to find out anything until well into the season of whatever, but these deliveries of small fragments do not affect the series. Quite the contrary. ‘Reno 911!’ it has always been structured around small skits. His twenty-minute (before) episodes consisted of quick, varied sketches. The move to Quibi from Comedy Central only implies that there are fewer of those fragments per episode. Possibly for that reason the selection is so round.

‘Reno 911!’ It is a feast of humor that time has not passed by. All those responsible remain at the foot of the canyon, captained by that unhappy charming but daring idiot Lieutenant Jim Dangle, played by a Thomas Lennon who recovers the character with more desire than ever.

Its perfect balance between coarseness and intelligent humor, in addition to a narrative ambition that will cause us to have to repeat some episodes to play on the phone, since it does not miss an opportunity to change and play with the different points of view, make the new comedy of Quibi the number one claim for all comedy lovers who are saturated with confinement waiting for new laughs. It is your moment.


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