Michael Pachter is back and wants to put Sony’s gaming division in its place


Life is not the same since PlayStation left E3. Yes, it is certainly an exaggerated sentence, but, it had become a tradition to have the three “biggest video game companies” under the same roof in front of thousands of journalists and a few fans.

Now, it doesn’t look anywhere near that PlayStation is going to return to E3 and the truth is that we would enter a vicious cycle if we began to discuss why it should or should not be at the event.

The one who has been critical of this PlayStation decision is the video game industry analyst, Michael Pachter. His most recent statement was made during his ‘Pachter Factor’ section at SIFTD Games where, once again, he said Sony was doing it wrong.

“I think Sony is going in the wrong direction,” Pachter said. ‘I think they are making a big strategic mistake by leaving E3. I think that is doing the wrong thing and I am hopeful that they will figure it out and come back next year. ‘


Sony saves 20 million by not attending E3 PlayStation?

“Someone convinced them that they would save $ 20 million if they skipped E3, and this year’s E3 was perhaps a prudent decision,” he continued. ‘They also skipped the previous one. And I think it’s a bad move. Really dumb strategy. Because you can’t buy that much press for $ 20 million. ‘

‘Having an event and getting all of your fans to focus on that one single event is really powerful, and I think whoever is advising their management that skipping E3 is a smart, cost-conscious measure, they are simply wrong. They’re just stupid, ‘Michael Pachter criticized PlayStation and Sony.

‘Sony is and will continue to be the biggest loser at E3 by skipping the event, and I think they should really wake up and acknowledge that it is an opportunity to show their games – which are very good – and their hardware – which is very good – when the world is paying attention. I hope they are back in 2022. Fingers crossed. ‘

The 20 million that Michael Pachter speaks of clearly referred to what the company must invest to attend E3 and put up a stand, in addition to making a statement and others. PlayStation would be saving this money by investing in the State of Play.


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