One of the key entrepreneurs, General Manager of Blockstream, Adam Back, has responded to rumors that he may be the real Bitcoin (BTC) creator. Adam Back is known as one of the people who talked to the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto via email in the early days of Bitcoin. However, some people in the crypto community believe that Back is the person who emerged as Satoshi Nakamoto and introduced Bitcoin to the world.

A video on Reddit tells a few things about this theory. Adam Back, on the other hand, addressed this message on Twitter saying that he was not a BTC creator. Back used the following statements:

“I’m not Satoshi, although the last video on Reddit claims this. Some factors and timing may seem suspicious, but these are just coincidences. ”

Still, during an interview, Adam Back stated that it would be better for Satoshi to remain anonymous, as it may cause some problems in the Bitcoin community because the majority of people are used to obeying and guiding the authorities. This leaves plenty of room to further speculate about Satoshi and Back’s true identity.


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