Game Pass  News: A somewhat unexpected catalog expansion


Netflix is ​​one of the streaming service giants. With its extensive catalog of movies and series, it has managed to keep its subscribers captive and more and more people joining its platform, despite the great competition.

Well, it seems that movies and series are not enough, since soon we could be watching Netflix offering its own selection of video games. Something that had already been reported by the medium, The Information, but that with a recent hiring seems to be closer to reality.

Video games on Netflix?

According to what The Information said last May. Netflix was looking for an executive to take over overseeing the company’s expansion into video games. Also, the streaming giant was reportedly planning to release a bunch of titles, similar to what Apple did with Apple Arcade.

Now, it seems that Netflix has found its executive, since they have just hired Mike Verdu. If we look at Verdu’s resume, we find that he has worked for Electronic Arts and Facebook, where he developed games and other content for the virtual reality set, Oculus.

Mike Verdu’s position is Vice President of Game Development and he will report to Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief operating officer. With this hiring, the company plans to add video games to its platform within the next year, according to a Bloomberg source.

The way in which these games will appear on the platform will be through recommendations and they will do so within a new genre. The Bloomberg source added that, at the moment, Netflix does not plan to charge a premium for access to its games. In other words, if you already have your subscription, you can easily access the titles offered by the platform.

What do you think of this Netflix move? Do you think it could be a competition for Game Pass or will the company have a few years left to oppose Microsoft?


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