John Wick News: This one will focus on Ian McShane and will only last three episodes of almost 90 minutes.


That’s right, as if it were a new saga of the John Wick franchise, each chapter will be like a complete movie that will closely follow a young Ian McShane (who will return for the fourth installment of the franchise). This series will be titled The Continental, in honor of the hotel where the elite group of assassins are sheltered.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this John Wick series would be set in the 70’s and will be produced by Starz and Lionsgate, which has already appointed part of the artistic and directing team. Although, we still need to see more details about the cast, its tone, music, etc. Hopefully it will keep the same quality as the movies seen so far.

What do we know about John Wick: The continental?

In addition to the aforementioned, we know that Chad Stahelski was going to be the director of John Wick: The Continental, but finally it will be Albert Hughes who will direct the third and first episodes of the series. So, who could direct the second episode is still up in the air. Let’s hope that this change of directors does not leave us a result like the one seen in Star Wars and its latest cinematic trilogy.

We can’t rule out Chad Stahelski directing the second episode. Although, we certainly cannot expect to have this type of confirmations before John Wick 4 arrives on May 27, 2022. Probably, after that date, we will have more certainties about this ambitious project that could be exclusive to the Starz platform.


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