Another Indonesian television program that has come under fire from K-Pop fans.

After GTV was criticized for making the Jisung NCT Dream stage incident a joke, this time it’s the ‘Insert’ program on TRANSTV.

As previously reported, actor Park Ji Hoon who had starred in the drama ‘Chicago Typewriter’ was declared dead after suffering from stomach cancer.

A fatal error occurred when the ‘Insert Afternoon’ program reported the news. Instead of showing actor Park Ji Hoon’s video, the TRANSTV program actually shows a video of a former member of Wanna One who is also named Park Ji Hoon.

This is what makes many fans angry to criticize the ‘Insert’ for the blunders they have done.

As a form of protest, fans made a trending topic using the hashtag #InsertApologizetoJihoon in the hope that the ‘Insert’ party expressed their apologies for the mistake.


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