In addition to the first trailer for the game, Capcom released a second video after the PS5 unveiling in which it released the first details of Resident Evil 8: Village. It is a development diary in which its producers, Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano, confirm, for example, that the game will be released in 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series X and Steam. It will do so by once again displaying the RE Engine, the graphics engine already used by Resident Evil 7, Devil May Cry 5 and the recent remakes of RE 2 and RE 3. Of course, this time the RE Engine will be optimized to take advantage of of the new consoles and we are promised realistic graphics, immersive audio and no loading time.

The game will be a survival horror, but they confirm that this time there will be a little more action than in Resident Evil 7. The story of Resident Evil 8: Village will be set several years after RE 7 and in it we will return to handle Ethan Winters, the protagonist of that one. Ethan has returned to his normal life, but one day the problems catch up with him again. They do it in the hands of Chris Redfield, one of the most emblematic characters in the saga, and of which both producers only reveal that “it does not return the way you think”. It will look darker than ever and will be responsible for turning Ethan’s life upside down again.

The people will play a crucial role

Another of the details that has been wanted to emphasize is in the town where the game is set, which will be crucial and will function as “a character in itself”. Hence, the name of this delivery does not remain in a number and also carries the tagline “Village”. It will have all kinds of locations and residents, as can be seen in the trailers, in which a tribute to the original’s mansion is even glimpsed. For the rest, the title will be again in the first person and will have a new and updated inventory, in line with the latest deliveries. However, to learn even more about the game we will have to wait until the end of summer. Resident Evil 8 will return to show at the end of August (perhaps during Gamescom?) And it will be then when we discover even more of the icy and terrifying new adventure of Ethan.


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