Although when it was first learned that Resident Evil 7 would be a first-person title, fans did not agree very much, it seems that this has already been forgotten. The most recent installment, RE: Village, used this perspective again, and both it and its predecessor received rave reviews who applauded the use of it to generate more terror.

Now, the YouTube channel, Residence of Evil, shows us a recreation of the remake of the first game but using a first-person camera. In addition, this recreation uses the graphics engine, Unreal Engine 4 and we would really like to see this version of Resident Evil on our consoles.


The remake of the first Resident Evil came to the Nintendo Gamecube consoles on March 22, 2002. Since it arrived, critics considered it one of the best remakes, since it respected the elements that made the classic an icon of survival horror, while made new and welcome improvements.

According to the video, this first-person reimagining was done by developer MoonGlint. The developer is working together with Residence of Evil to create a new video game called Vigil. To test the lighting effects of his game, MoonGlint decided to recreate a part of the Spencer mansion from Resident Evil.

Although they had already shown another video of the mansion with the third person perspective. Now they decided to do it in the first person, although they do not say it, they were surely inspired by the perspective of Resident Evil 7 and Village. They also did it with updated graphics and not with those of the gamecube, so they manage to make it look very good.

In the video they also mention that anyone who is interested can make a donation to MoonGlint for their work. As a way of thanking those who support him, MoonGlint has thought of a very good reward. He has said that he will create a playable build of Resident Evil in first person for all his donors. Are they going to cheer up?


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