Resident Evil Village News: Thanks to Yangkangemm we have one of the best representations of the daughters of this great villain


Resident Evil Village is one of the most celebrated video games of 2021. Capcom knew how to capitalize on Lady Dimitrescu, one of the great villains of this installment. However, not only has she stolen the hearts of fans of the franchise. The daughters of this villain have also received the love of the internet community.

Thanks to Yangkangemm, we have one of the best representations of Cassandra, one of the three daughters of this villain. These ‘vampires’ who subdue our protagonist. These girls may not have received the attention that their mother, Lady Dimitrescu, but this cosplay proves that they also deserve to be in the focus of the Resident Evil Village community.

This Resident Evil Village Cassandra cosplay will steal your heart

This version of Cassandra from Resident Evil Village was shared via Reddit, with the message: ‘Cassandra makeup and bodypaint done by myself. I hope to complete this character with real jewelry soon. ‘ However, with the personification of her, she bears a great resemblance to this vampire daughter.

We may soon see this cosplay of this complete vampire girl. For now, the great quality that Yangkangemm produced for this performance is undeniable. The quality of the paint to emulate the jewelry Cassandra wears is impressive. Hopefully the final work of this cosplay is even better, what did you think?


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