You can watch Bitcoin in the region under $ 9,000; it has increased its trade for a long time. Nevertheless, it still shows signs of weakness, as its price could not achieve an upward momentum.

This weakness indicates that if there is no strong buying pressure in the cryptocurrency, it can be quickly reduced to $ 7,100 levels.

This emerged as crypto sellers began to turn a previous level of support into resistance, pointing to short-term weaknesses coming soon.
Since the cryptocurrency is currently caught in a transaction between $ 9,000 and $ 10,000, the lifeless price movement of Bitcoin does not allow to rise.

It is a strong possibility that this consolidation phase will have “curl” before BTC makes a big move.

As a technical indicator shows that the leading cryptocurrency can go to $ 7,100, it seems that the next move could support the bears.

Nevertheless, the same indicator shows that a break can also create a catalytic effect for significant acceleration, leading to $ 13,000.


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