Gravity Well is the new study by Drew McCoy and John “Slothy” Shiring, a developer who presents putting people ahead.

Respawn Entertainment co-founder Drew McCoy has opened a new studio in Los Angeles with John “Slothy” Shiring. This is Gravity Well, a developer who will focus on triple A games, although they do promise that they will work under a model in which the crunch will have no place. “We have developed games together for a long time and have learned that there are multiple ways to lead teams and launch games,” McCoy writes on the studio’s official website.

“We are mounting a study focused on how we want to make games. We wish time to iterate with everything and get ideas and feedback from every team. We are building this studio to last decades, and that doesn’t happen if you don’t put your team first. ” It is quite a statement of intent, as one of the foundations of the new company is the health of the team. “That means we are anti-crunch.” They promise good compensation and creative freedom, because “when someone makes all the decisions, the work is not fun and the final product is not so good.”

Smaller team
Slothy bets on a smaller team. “Ask and you will receive the same answer from the developers: once your team exceeds 100 people, everything changes.” The creative claims that it is not anyone’s fault, but that in those circumstances you need to meet to make decisions. “Brilliant creatives are less creative, so we are not going to be that. We are going to build a team of 80-85 people maximum ”.

Respawn Entertainment grew out of a spin-off from Infinity Ward. The studio created the first two installments of Titanfall and was acquired by Electronic Arts. His first great success with the North American giant was Apex Legends, but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has also succeeded. This single player story-centric title has sold 10 million units since its launch in November 2019. Electronic Arts has already revealed that it is the first video game in an entirely new franchise.


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