On the progress of the IOTA distributed ledger, Dominik Schiener, co-founder of the IOTA Foundation, disagrees with Elon Musk. Tesla’s “Technology King” claimed that “dogs and humor” are not found in large altcoins today.



“IOTA has its own” dogs and humor “. What makes DOGE special? “

Mr. Schiener stated that the IOTA ecosystem also has dogs and humor. He shared the popular “Doge and Cheems” in which IOTA’s Shiba Inu attacked Dogecoin’s dog.

The co-founder of the IOTA Foundation did not miss the opportunity to reiterate that even humorous elements are worthless on the IOTA blockchain. Zero fees for transactions are among the “superior features” of IOTA in its new age.

Musk ironically rejected all major altcoins because they have no humor and no dogs. Both are attributes of his favorite cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE).

A month ago, IOTA enabled Chrysalis, a major update for the pre-Coordicide. It included a completely new wallet, Firefly, and the massive token migration.

Anti-density mechanism implemented in IOTA’s Schimmer

IOTA is on its way for the next updates. Yesterday, May 24, 2021, we launched an anti-congestion mechanism. It completely rethinks how blockchain messaging is organized in IOTA.

Billy Sanders, Research Director of the IOTA Foundation, announced that the new mechanism will coordinate the message sending process between the node to ensure maximum efficiency.

This version will improve the user experience of node operators and clients and increase attack resistance, consistency, and fair access to nodes.


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