The Nintendo PlayStation, which we reported in early February, would be available for auction. The device had already anticipated anticipated sales figure expectations. The auction has come to an end and the game console, which only 200 produced and subsequently withdrawn from the market, found buyers for $ 360,000.

Nintendo PlayStation gets new owner
As you know, it appeared in 1991 with the cooperation between Nintendo and Sony. The game console had withdrawn from the market as a result of some disputes.

Coincidentally, there are enthusiasts of the device that remained clean over the years as a result of the fact that a person working there at that time owned Nintendo PlayStation and carefully kept it.

For this reason, the owner, who planned to sell this game console, which was left behind by his father, by auction, probably did not think that the device would find a buyer for this price.

According to the news shared on CNN, and founder Greg McLemore became the new owner of the device. The business man, who has a Nintendo PlayStation with a total of 360 thousand dollars, has also passed many strong bidders. Also called Super NES, this retro device is really valuable.

“The most expensive thing I bought after my house was this gaming console,” says Greg McLemore in an interview.


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