Stellar (XLM) has managed to quickly enter the year 2021. During this year, which can be called auspicious for him, we also saw that he doubled his value.

Looking at the last graphics, although it moves on a line that has evolved horizontally for now, the increase may continue.

What is this Stellar XLM?
The asset that ranks 9th in the market value ranking has actually been in our lives for a long time. Besides its value of approximately 6.7 billion dollars, it draws attention with its recent momentum. It managed to achieve an increase of almost 150%.

Stellar offers its investors many conversion opportunities, large and small. It has also mediated millions of transactions since its launch. If this increase and processing power in Stellar can continue, it seems very likely that it will surpass its own value records. In addition, BVDH, the company behind Stellar and a well-established German bank, carried out a joint stablecoin study for a digital Euro. This increases the competitiveness of China’s digital yuan.

What Has Stellar Experienced In The Long Term?
Although Stellar began its adventure in 2015, it remained asleep for a long time, as in new entities like itself. However, by 2018, it took very serious leaps and reached all-time highs for itself. Although it marked those dates with a value of up to $ 1, it could not escape the decline until the end of 2018 and was stuck in the $ 0.20 band. Later, it could not prevent the decline to the level of $ 0.020 by continuing the trend in 2020.

However, Bitcoin and other subcoins started to get their share from the bull run at the end of 2020 and started to increase. The asset, which significantly increased its momentum, caught increases of up to 150%.

What Could Happen in 2021?
Stellar, which entered the year 2021 with acceleration, is being processed at $ 0.308 at the time of writing. The correction levels of $ 0.380, 0.51 and $ 0.620 for Stellar are very important. It can be expected to push the resistance levels and retreat, but the chances of seeing the levels are very high. However, as I said, it is important to see $ 0.51, one of the first correction levels. Because there is a point of resistance on the horizontal axis after the correction, and seeing that point will continue the increase.

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Although it recovered later in the first quarter of 2020, it is seen that it followed a very volatile movement. This fluctuating movement may indicate that it will experience another withdrawal before the increase with the effect of BTC.

It is clearly seen that the increases in other effects of the fluctuation continue. With other waves this year, it can be expected that the $ 0.40 level in Stellar can be exceeded and we can follow the continuity of the increase.

What to do?
Having many correction points may bring along situations such as 2021 not being sufficient to complete these leaps. In addition, it is also effective that the effect of the first fluctuation lasts for almost 8 months and the climb slows down the acceleration. Therefore, although Stellar seems to experience serious acceleration for 2021, the expected completion of the acceleration may extend to 2022. It does not seem to be expected for now to reach the all-time high level this year.

It is also important for the acceleration that Stellar is expected to exceed the resistance level on the horizontal axis in the 3rd and 4th quarters of this year. In other words, when it comes to these quarters, it must break this resistance in order for the increase to continue. In this way, it can be expected to reach the 2021 and 2022 targets.


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