Katamari Damacy REROLL (the franchise in general), is one of those “rare” games that you don’t know how to explain, but once you become a fan, you become stubborn to want to bring everyone into your fan base, inviting them to try it and be amazed by something that is very difficult to understand.

Difficult to explain because it has a complicated history? Nope. Because its controls are difficult? Neither do I have to play 15 previous installments to understand him as if he were Kingdom Hearts? Much less, rather, because Katamari Damacy is the product of letting developers have fun while programming a game.


If there is one thing to highlight about Damacy, it is the great life lessons that she gives us in the most absurd way possible.

From the outset, we will meet the King of the Cosmos, an entity beyond what the human being can understand. Lover of music, lover of love itself and unfortunately, of drinking excessively.

The King and Prince of the Cosmos in Katamari Damacy REROLL
Imagine your parents walk into your room and see this. How do you explain it? Image: Bandai Namco

This leads him to the fact that after a date with his beloved wife, he drives around the sky and unintentionally destroys the stars and constellations, taking the occasional planet with him … leaving the sky completely in darkness.

It is normal for one to lose the keys after drinking excessively, but destroy everything that makes up the Cosmos? That is already on another level (remember not to drive if you drink).

With this pretext, we will have to help him to solve his mistakes and go down to earth with a Katamari, a strange mass that has the ability to adhere to its composition almost anything. Why? So that the King can reconstruct what he once made us wonder if we are alone in the universe (well, not so).

Exquisite means to be the one who fixes his mess… Image: Bandai Namco

While this may sound pretty stoned – and it is – it doesn’t mean it’s bad, on the contrary, it’s like I said in previous paragraphs: this is the result of letting your development teams have fun and make games specifically for this purpose. .


REROLL’s goal is simple: fulfill the King’s strange requests. These range from creating a Katamari of a specific size, or fulfilling a goal in a certain amount of time. The truth is that it is quite simple.

To give direction to the Katamari you will use both control sticks, which at first will be quite difficult (and very, very clumsy), especially since the camera does not help much.

Not that it is a bad point, but come on: to be a remastered, maybe it is something that they could have had time to fix. Oh, because well, it should be noted that this title is a little cat’s hand to the original that was released for PlayStation 2 in 2004.

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It is arguably an “old” game, but it has enough changes to go unnoticed as an innovation in 2020, of course, unless you are already familiar with the Bandai Namco franchise.

Although he still has his little heart and he will cheer you up from time to time. Image: Bandai Namco

As I mentioned, the mechanics are straightforward: collect as much as you can with the Katamari. At the beginning you can start with something super small, such as nails, papers, pencils and little by little, you can have the power to carry rats, people and buildings.


Yep. That’s how random everything is in Katamari Damacy REROLL, and the truth is that it amuses us a lot. Rats and policemen for example, will see you as a threat and will not hesitate to apply force to stop you, of course, until it is impossible and they better run for their lives.

Another point to note is that as this may sound very easy, it becomes complicated by some not so explicit mechanics, such as the police or that you can collide with another larger object, causing you to lose control over your object ball, in addition to that the scenarios are relatively limited.

Electronic, classical music, jazz and other genres like you’ve never heard before. Image: Bandai Namco

Finally, in this section we can say that the only big problem is sometimes the camera and the occasional problem with the physics, although nothing serious that permanently affects your gaming experience.

If you have OCD and you are one of those people who starts by lifting a small piece of paper and ends up turning their room completely, this game is popular and recommended as one that will give them great pleasure when playing it. My word goes on it.


Katamari Damacy REROLL isn’t a game that makes you hesitate between buying Cyberpunk 2077 or saving the sky, but it definitely doesn’t have to. He does not get to compete with anyone, but rather, he would be like that cool person who comes to bring the atmosphere to the party.

There are some things I would like to end the review with, like the fact that it has a multiplayer mode that I think could have had more variety compared to the original, so I better recommend that you put the game, share the control and laugh until you can with the reactions of the person who accompanies you.

The scenes are in high definition this time and the work of the scenes is very showy, although not so marked as to surprise you. Again you don’t need it as well as they delivered it is fine in that regard.

Maybe they could have added some extras, but they were very safe, what at least the fans to die of the franchise could take the wrong way, in my particular point of view, is the games that I need to be happy and that is the only thing that matters.


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