The official Xbox wireless headset will soon arrive in Mexico and other Latin American regions


Since the inception of Xbox Live, the brand has been developing specialized headsets to make communication in online games easy and consistent. And with each new console, we see very timely improvements to its additional first-party accessories.

xbox headset

Now, nothing like the first headset that came with the Xbox Live Gold kit with this new wireless headset that you can well use with an Xbox Series, Xbox One, Windows and other devices compatible with Bluetooth 4.2, such as cell phones.

We have been testing it for a few days and these are our impressions.

The advantages of the wireless headset

It should be noted that although I test many wireless headphones, I have not found one that is correctly compatible due to pairing issues on the Xbox Series. Since these hearing aids are first-party, this problem no longer occurs. And in fact, they are entirely intended for use with the console.

You will even find additional settings in the console interface.

The first thing that stands out is the presentation and quality, without a doubt it is the best design that Xbox has made in headsets. They have a simple, useful and elegant design.

They weigh only 312 grams, which is a good number considering that they are wireless.

They have on / off and pairing controls, as well as a mute button for the microphone. Additionally, the left earbud is for controlling the balance between game and chat, while the right earbud controls the volume.

Speaking of compatibility, it is important to note that they do not have a 3.5mm input.

Xbox headset sound quality

In this generation, the graphics not only presented a jump, but also the audio, and unless you have a home theater-type technology, good headphones are the most economical solution.

The official Xbox headset has sound enhancement through technologies such as Windows Sonic, DTS Headphone: X, and Dolby Atmos. The latter requires the Dolby Atmos for Headphones app, which is only free for the first six months and DTS only has 14 free days.

What is certain is that even without these technologies, this headset has a very good sound quality. And, in addition, many of the games do not have these technologies implemented, so it is not a priority to hire them, but it is an option.

Headset autonomy

As for the battery, it has an advertised autonomy of 15 hours per full charge, which takes 3 hours without being used. It already comes with a cable included and you can connect it to your console. Unfortunately, the cable is short and is not intended for you to charge when used, but nothing that a longer cable, such as the one that comes in the game and control charging kit, will not fix.

The headphones are completely wireless, and you don’t even have to use an additional base or accessory connected to the console, as in the case of the official PlayStation 5 headset.

Before this headset, there were very few that are specific for Xbox, such as the Razer Kaira Pro, which has a cost of 150 dollars or $ 3,100 pesos. Considering that these cost almost half, Microsoft is offering the cheapest and most useful option.

In the next few days these hearing aids will be available in Mexico. The suggested price in the United States is $ 99 dollars, so we would expect a price around $ 1,600 – $ 2,000 MXN.

+ Economical

+ Easy to use

+ Fully compatible with Microsoft platforms and compatible Bluetooth devices

– Not compatible with non-Xbox consoles

– No headphone jack


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