These are weird times for ‘Rick and Morty’. The great animated series returned last night (on HBO Spain and TNT after its US premiere) with the first episode of the second part of season 4 as part of a commitment to have a handful of the promised seventy episodes insured every so often. and the feeling of being in a strange creative moment becomes noticeable.

In ‘La Rickstoria Intermimorty’ (‘Never Ricking Morty’), this comeback episode, we find an episode showing it. Jeff Loveness (writer) and Erica Hayes (director) play to our expectations and experience in one episode that is fast-paced and changeable.

Although as soon as we begin it seems that we are going to find a kind of anthology, in reality it is a cocktail of narrations, micro-stories, narrative elements and script turns. A whole demonstration of the sticks that can be put together in twenty minutes.

Big gags in a series that needs to breathe

Of course, this “story train” in which we have ridden is full of things that work and others that don’t. Perhaps the best thing is a moment in which Morty has to strive to tell a story that passes the Bechdel test and ends with Summer and her mother launching laser beams with juju. A hooligan that works very well on his satire.

But it is still one more than a bunch of metagamberradas and comments on whether something is canon, whether or not they are in continuity and so many things typical of the construction of a series in which the team of Roiland and Harmon looks at us directly to say over and over “What do you want from us !?”

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‘Rick and Morty’ is at a time when the series is too aware of what is being said about it. It has entered a dangerous cycle of having to prove something to the series’ most toxic fans. It is not that it is a bad episode, but it does show done because of some viewers who are getting their PhD in their vision of animated comedy.

That it is not bad that those responsible for the series are not in a bubble, but here they are stung, they are tired of criticism and they are suffocated by the pressure. If there’s one thing these twenty minutes demonstrate, it’s that they still have great ideas for the series, but they need to breathe fresh air and ignore much of the stream of comments the series receives.


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