Ridley Scott, Prometheus and Alien: He is very keen on the third film of the ‘prequel’ series, which tells about the pre-original Alien after Covenant. Scott wants to redevelop the Alien brand.

One of the most popular and favorite films of science fiction cinema is undoubtedly the Alien series. Apparently, Ridley Scott, who is also the director of the first Alien movie in 1979, is also enthusiastic about the third Alien ‘prequel’ (films that go back in the story). Even the name of the movie is certain: Alien: Awakening. The other two prequel films of Alien, which reached its classic level, were Prometheus released in 2012 and Alien: Covenant released in 2017.

Last year, there were rumors that Alien: Awakening was in the writing phase, which Ridley Scott said his name was known in 2017. Scott’s intention is to sit in the film’s directing chair. Also, according to Ridley Scott, there is a lot of space to go in the series after Covenant.

“There is still a long way to go in Alien”

Ridley Scott said in an interview, “I think there is still a lot of distance to go in Alien, but now you need to reshape it. What I was constantly thinking about when making the first film was why would such a creature be made and why would it travel on a ship carrying eggs? What was the purpose of this tool and these eggs? This is what is to be questioned. The next idea is who, why and for what purpose. ”

Meeting with its audience in 2017, Covenant was finished by leaving a series of questions behind it. It looks like this sequel to Scott’s head will also fill the gaps between the original Alien and the prequel. While Scott has answered some questions along with the other two films, Alien: With Awakening, he will explain what the purpose is.

For the moment, the sequel of this prequel series seems unlikely. Alien: Covenant disappointed its producers because it achieved $ 240 million box office revenue worldwide and could not fully satisfy the audience. Although Disney, who gets the rights to the series, will use the series in the future, the new production is unlikely to be a continuation of a commercially unsuccessful movie.


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